Extrusion Profiles

Extrusions are a method of making heat sinks that is cost effective. The metal is forced through a die producing an extrusion profile (Tooling required). The result is bar stock extrusions that can be cut to the required length of the heat sink. Most heat sink profiles can be made into an extrusion profile. We offer short lead time and inexpensive tooling.

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Extrusion Capabilities:


Aluminum Extrusions

High Aspect Ratio (30:1, 30mm tall, 1mm thick fins)


Stacked Fin

Fin Insertion

Copper Extrusions

Post Processing / Secondary Operations

Additional Machining

CNC machining: Holes, Slots, Threads, Pockets, Pedalstools, Radii, Chamfers

Hardware installation

Pems, Standoffs, Helicoils, Screws

Surface finishing

AL – Anodizing, Chromate, Powdercoat, nickel plating, hard anodize
– Pre finish bead blasting

CU – Anti-oxidation

Silkscreen / Printing / Engraving

Thermal interface material

Heat Sink attachment method (clips, pins, springs, screws)