DC Fans and Blowers with custom connectors, lengths, etc (we also handle Mil Spec and Mil Spec Teflon wires)

Machined, Extruded, Stack Fin, Skive Fin, Folded Fin, Bonded Fin, Large Power Heat Sinks (100% Dimensional Quality Control Inspection Reports generated for every order for all below parts)

Copper/Aluminum Hybrid Heat Sinks) most of the time, need to be nickel plated, then soldered together (with heat pipes), then machined or bead blasted, then re-nickel plated

PCB Manufacturing and Test for LED PC Boards with laminated Aluminum Backed PCB, Custom Extrusions for holding the LED PCB and controller boards, waterproof connectors, Plastic Prism

Metal Stampings with Special Plating, Special Packaging with assy instructions, hardware, etc.

BGA Passive Heat Sinks (many sizes and all in stock) and Extrusion Bar Stock

Heat Pipe Heat Sinks

Precision CNC Machining of metal and plastics

CNC Turning

Sheet Metal

Extreme Low Thermal Resistance Passive and Active Custom Designed Processor Coolers

Die Casting

Fan Trays and Sheet Metal Chassis (design and manufacturing)

Fan Heat Sinks (custom and standard stick on BGA Type)

Hardware, all types

Injection Molding Plastics

Custom Cold Plate with Copper Tubing; Custom Power Supply

Engineering Design Services using ProE, AutoCAD, and Solidworks. We will make the BOM and Assy dwg.

Guaranteed thermal solution (we guarantee we can find a solution or you don’t have to pay). 5-Step All Inclusive process:
A. Build Model in Icepak
B. Find Solution
C. Make Engineering Drawings
D. Make Prototypes
E. Production

Physical Thermal Testing and Testing Using ProE and Icepak

Die Cutting of Gasket or Thermal Interface Material; Special Brackets with foam pad and Powder Coating

Thermo Electric Cooler Manufacturing and Assembly (not Shown)

Liquid Cooling Manufacturing and Assembly and Cable Assy