MCPCB Capabilities

  • Single Layer, Multiple Layer MCPCB or FR4
  • Surface mounted components / wave soldering
  • Solder mask coloring
  • Machined features
  • Low / High Volume
  • Turn key operation
  • Quick lead time / turn around
  • Testing
  • Cables / Connectors

Services We Offer
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Low Cost
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Complete Thermal Analysis / Design
  • Custom Heat Sinks
  • Mechanical Design
  • Circuit / Electrical Design

Thermal Analysis
  • We will help you solve your thermal issues!

    Importance of CFD: Prediction of thermal performance of LEDs results in reducing time to bring products to market. We can easily run a simulation to predict the thermal characteristics of a specific PCB or system. We then iterate to come up with thermal solution that fits your criteria. This reduces the need for several prototypes resulting in a quicker turn around. CFD is becoming widely used in thermal analysis of all electronic products during the design phase.