Plastics Engineering

The engineering process at Cofan USA begins with a review of all documentation and customer requirements for manufacturability, schedule and cost constraints. Estimation and quotation of the part or project is then undertaken at both our local and our China offices. Normally quotes can be generated in 1-4 working days, depending on the complexity, number of parts submitted and completeness of the design documents.

If necessary, in order to support both the quote process and fabrication, we will regenerate the drawings into Cofan USA format for communication with our fabrication facilities using a 3D CAD tool such as Pro/E, AutoCAD or SolidWorks which are our primary CAD tools. Having the 3D part model helps to expedite our understanding of the part and also minimizes the opportunity for error, increasing first piece accuracy. The 3D model is also used to support the CAM and CNC process if needed to fabricate the part.

Our engineers are ready to assist you with your next requirement for injection molding, vacuum forming, extrusions and machining. You can send us your drawings and quote request via email, fax, hard copy, or by uploading your files via secured FTP site.

We support a comprehensive list of file formats. If you have questions regarding this process or our engineering or manufacturing capabilities, please contact us at