Sheet Metal

Cofan USA extensively uses it’s China based sheet metal facilities to support fabrication of the simplest to most complex sheet metal part, whether for a quick turn prototype or for production. Using Cofan USA’s China based facilities enables a cost savings which is passed on to the customer. Two Cofan USA offices, one in the U.S. and the other in China, help to ensure a seamless integration between U.S. based customers and the manufacturing process provided by our offshore facilities. With in-place management on two continents, schedule and quality are maintained to the level expected by U.S. customers.

Cofan USA prides itself in quality as well as customer satisfaction. We are able to assist engineers in their designing process and to make it easy and efficient to send and receive files. We specialize in quick turn prototypes and small to large production runs.

Cofan USA’s operation on two continents allows for a virtual 24 hour company operation. This ensures that schedules can be kept comparable to or better than that expected of a locally based company.

Let Cofan USA be your sheet metal source to ensure that quality, timely and cost competitive solutions are supplied to you and ultimately to your customers!!